Sharla June

We like to shake things up in the summer. You may continue to take private lessons or you may choose to be part of a summer camp session or group lesson.
Humans dig in when we commit a set amount of time to learning, and I can learn more about you when we spend committed time together. That is why I operate on a 15-week semester system during the Fall & Winter/Spring. (Summers are a bit different!) Go here to learn more.
  1. Old-Time Banjo
    Old-Time Banjo
    I teach clawhammer banjo style in a variety of traditional tunings. Learn chord shapes, hammers, pulls, slides, tab-reading, old-time music history, and some basic music theory.
  2. Guitar Lessons | Sharla June
    Guitar lessons focus on becoming a competent rhythm player before moving into picking techniques. Learn chords, rhythm patterns, charts & tab, music history, a variety of styles, and some basic music theory.
  3. Ukulele
    I teach both soprano & baritone uke. Learn chords, strumming & picking patterns, both traditional and contemporary ukulele songs, how to read chord charts, and some basic music theory.
  4. Singing/Songwriting
    Singing lessons focus on finding and caring for your natural voice, support and breathing techniques, basic music theory, and singing/performing a variety of styles, including harmony singing. I do not "train" your voice.